There's a Game in this Book

1.5 Edition: The Ultimate First Edition

Shall we play a game? This game. The Game. There's a Game in this Book. The game you're about to pick up. Within this book is all the information you need about this exciting RPG so that you can create your character and get to playing in a game with your friends.

There's a Game in this Book is a fully customizable, completely flexible, tabletop RPG. The rules of the game provide everything you need to create any character you can think up, play any way you can conceive.

Everything You Need in Two Handy Volumes

When we say any character, we do in fact mean just that: We've seen muscle-bound olive oil salesmen, dream demon assassins, and skeletons that fight with the power of the gods behind them. With the rules in this game you can make anything from a basic warrior all the way up to a spell-casting hand puppet, and everything in between.

With There's a Game in this Book, you aren't limited to the characters listed on the page. Heck, we don't even want you to come at this book by reading the rules first -- rules just get in the way of you making the character you desire. When playing this game, create the character you want, the story of their life, and then fit the game system around your ideas, not the other way around.

A World of Possibilities

How can this game allow you to make anything you want and play any way you can dream of? Built on the hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Dodeca System, every element of the creation process is defined by the character. The way skills are assigned to whether they use magic and even if they have any debilitating traits that get in the way of combat (but are oh so entertaining to play) is all up to the story of the character (and not any pre-determined classes or requirements).

With There's a Game in this Book, story and fun are the primary goals, and there shouldn't be anything getting in the way of you playing the character you always wanted.

Break Out Those Twelves

The 1.5 Edition of There's a Game in this Book has reworked and expanded everything. Two more classes, double the Class Powers, double the Races (and even more variants on top). Skills, Attributes, Combat, and Magic have all been updated, revised, refined, and improved. It's everything you love (or will love) about the game, but even more!

There's a Game in this Book 1.5 is available for online and at select conventions.


There's a Game in this Book v1.5

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