Hipster: the Card Game

An Artisanal Card Game: Collect Them All!

Strategy is the name of the game as you compete to be the coolest in town in the game of Hipster. Collect your gear and play against others in your quest to be hipper than everyone else. But watch out, because once things become too cool they're no longer cool. When stuff becomes too cool it goes away, replaced by newer, cooler stuff no one is into. If you're gonna win, you gotta be on the cutting edge! Can you be faster, can you be cooler, can you be Hipster?

More Ways to Play, More Ways to Win

From the makers of Hipster: the Artisanal Card Game, Dodeca System proudly presents the next standalone expansion for Hipster: The Revenge. A fully self-contained, complete game that you can play on its own or mix in with the other Hipster editions for even more fun. The Revenge is everything you love about Hipster and more of it!

Featuring new Fashion, Culture, and Trinket cards to collect, new options for playing, and new ways to win the game, each edition of Hipster presents an expanded experience fans, old and new, will love. Take on different powers with The Red Album, find news ways to win in Teenage Wasteland, and give your friends a rough-and-tumble experience with The Revenge. Hipster will glue to your seats as you wrestle for control of the game to eek out a win.

Fully Compatibile Standalone Deck

Hipster: The Card Game is available online and through select conventions