Dodeca System Games: Retailer Fulfillment

Retailers interested in stocking any of the Dodeca System Games line of products are welcome to use our order form [PDF] to pick our product and begin the ordering process. We are happy to work with any retailers and would be glad to talk about any of our games with interested parties.

Once you have filled out the order form [PDF], simply save it and email it back to us at Please note that in times of high order volume, as well as during convention season, it may take us a couple of days to contact you in return.

Please also be aware that the order form is simply the first step in the process. When we contact you we will discuss delivey and/or shipping (depending on your distance from our headquarters) as well as determining final payment. This form is not a contract and, once you have filled it out, you are under no obligation to pay until either the product is delivered to your store and/or headquarters, or we are ready to ship the product to you via a delivery service.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.