Dost Thou Deceive Me?!: the Card Game of Boasting and Lies

Part One of the Saga of the Drunken Dragon

So there you were, lurking outside the Dungeon of Eternal Torment on a quest to rescue Reginald, Prince of the Seas, when you're confronted by the Azulus, King of the Titans and destroyer of worlds. You drew your trusty sword and fought the beast back, freein his captive and collecting Azulu's Sapphire Eye. Fleeing quickly, you and the Prince made it back to the Undersea Academy where you were rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Be a Hero, Tell a Story

That's just one of the many possible stories you could tell in Dost Thou Deceive Me?!, the card game of boasting and lies. As you and your fellow heroes (and friends) gather around the tavern table, you compete to tell the best tales of your adventures abroad. It's fun, it's lively, and it the best way to spend time drinking and boasting (outside of drinking and boasting).

From a deck of cards players will get the details of their latest adventure. They are then tasked with telling the story of that adventure, creating a memerable story the other heroes will remember. Sometimes, though, the truth isn't as valuable as a good tale, and that's why you and your fellow heroes are allowed to exagerate, shade the truth, and out-right lie about what you did, all for the sake of a good story. Just don't get caught in the lie lest the heroes call you out and kick you out of the tavern.

Dost Thou Deceive Me?! comes with six suits, from quests performed to treasures collected, citizens rescued, and villains defeated. Players compete not to literally have the highest score but to say they do in this fast, fun, and amusingly verbose game. Tell tall tales and boast your way to glory in Dost Thou Deceive Me?!.

A Lie is Just a Shade of the Truth

Dost Thou Deceive Me?! is available for sale online and at select conventions.