Dead Wasteland: Zombie Survival Card Game

Outlast the Dead. Survive the Night. Live 'til Dawn.

Civilization has fallen and the dead have risen. Zombies roam the wastes of our once great cities. The remnants of humanity have to fend for themselves, scavenging what they can while avoiding the horde. It's everyone for themselves as they look to survive the Dead Wasteland.

Zombies Lurk Around Every Corner

Dodeca System proudly presents Dead Wasteland, the zombie survival card game. As one of the last survivors of humanity your jobs isn't to try and rebuild civilization. You're not worried about working with the other survivors (who are just as likely to stab you in teh back as you are to them). No, you're out for yourself, just trying to survive a night filled with the shambling undead.

To win in Dead Wastleand, players have to collect three items they need to stay alive: food, water, and a flashlight. Along the way they can collect other items (some permanent, others temporary) that will aid them in taking on the horde (and stopping the other players). Some cards can aid you in your fight against the undead while others can help give you an edge against your fellow survivors -- the dead are an ever present threat but what you really have to watch out for are the other humans.

Collect to Win

But if everyone is at each other's throats, you could just become a zombie killing machine. If a player kills 15 zombies, they'll win the game without even having to try and get items. Surviving long enough, though, is no easy feat -- the zombies will constantly chase after you, and once one zombie appears, they'll swarm more and more, bringing the horde. Escaping alive will take all the supplies and skills you have.

Included in Dead Wasteland is a full 108 cards including items, instants, zombies, and bullets, plus instructions -- everything you, and up to three friends, will need to play the game. The hordes are waiting -- do you have what it takes to survive in the Dead Wasteland?

Become a Zombie Killing Machine

Dead Wasteland is available for sale online and at select conventions.