There's a Game in this Book

There's a Game in this Book is a tabletop RPG designed to be fast, fun, and fully customizable. Ideally the main book can be read in less than an hour, with character creation taking (on average) thirty minutes once you're familiar with the system. Create any character you want, play any way you desire. All you need is thirty minutes and you can make any character you can conceive.

There's a Game in this Book

Any Character?

Want to play a merchant who's also a warrior? How about a wizard who's also a centaur? Or maybe you want a knight who casts magic with one hand while spinning his vorpal sword of bunny-death from the other? It's entirely possible (and you aren't even pushing the game with ideas like that).

We've seen day-walking vampires, reverse werewolves, bio-mech androids, the greatest wizard in the land who also happens to be a hand puppet, and a literal box full of monkeys. Each and every one of these was created with the system housed inside There's a Game in this Book. And if that's what we came up with, what could you create?

But Is It Fun?

There's a Game in this Book was written with enjoyment as the number one goal. We've all played in fantasy RPGs. We know about dragons and elves and dwarves, temples and palaces and ruins. We've searched for the Lost Sword of Some Civilization in the Haunted Tunnels of Endless Dungeon Crawl. We understand that just playing the same old world gets boring.

There's a Game in this Book proposes something different, a world where political intrigue is just as important as fighting. Wound a man with your vicious taunts. Seduce your way into the royal chambers. Wow a crowd with the musical prowess of your armpit. Navigating the world is up to you, but as long as you're enjoying yourself, there's no wrong way to do it.

There's a Character on this Sheet
There's a Character on this Sheet [PDF]

So How Does it Work?

There's a Game in This Book is built on the Dodeca System, the RPG nuts-and-bolts created by Mike Finkelstein and Dave Phillips. To play, all you need is one 12-sided die. Yes, a 12-sided, the most ignored die in pretty well every other game around. Your character sheet, once filled out, tells you everything you need to know. Want to pick a lock? Roll your die and find your target number (it's right along the top of every section). Caught in combat? Take your attack, subtract their defense, and there's your target number (printed with a handy meter right on the back of the sheet).

Everything in the system uses that one die: skills, feats, powers, magic, damage. With your 12-sider, you can take on the world (and bonus points if you figure out how much damage a 12-sider would do if launched with enough force). There's a Game in this Book is easy-to-play, quick to pick up, and full of enjoyment.

The first edition of There's a Game in this Book is currently sold out with only a select few copies available at conventions. We invite you to check out the new 1.5 edition of the game.

Character Sheets: