Hipster: the Artisanal Card Game

The Hippest of the Hip

Hipster: The Card Game

Strategy is the name of the game as you compete to be the coolest in town in the game of Hipster. Collect your gear and play against others in your quest to be hipper than everyone else. But watch out, because once things become too cool they're no longer cool.

Can you be faster? Can you be cooler? Can you be Hipster?

In Hipster you want to be cooler than everyone else, and you want to do it first. Each player gets five cards at the start of the game, and they're each trying to match up three cards in front of them with the three cards in the center. Those center cards are "What's Cool Right Now" and the only way to win is to be cool like those cards.

But watch out: if too many people get into those center cards, those "Cool" cards are no longer cool, and the central cards go away, replaced by the latest, hippest thing in town. What's cool is always changing, ever shifting, so if you want to be hip you gotta live on the edge, adapting quickly to win the game.

Hipster features are selection of cards, with three different "Cool" card suits -- Culture, Fashion, and Trinkets -- along with instant cards you can play on others, Play When You Want cards, and new rules you can introduce to change the rules of the gam, Damn the Man cards. To win the game, you have to be fast, you have to be quick, and above all, you have to be the coolest, hippest hipster around.

The Cards of Hipster

Hipster was successfully kickstarted in 2015. The original version of the game is currently sold out, but check out Hipster's first standalone expansion, Teenage Wasteland, available now.