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Now that you've picked up There's a Game in this Book (you have picked it up, right?), it's time to start thinking about expanding your play experience. Allow us to provide some ideas in the form of expansions.

Coming soon to Patreon (once we have finished Kickstarter fulfillment for There's a Game in this Book 1.5) you will be able to subscribe to and follow Dodeca System Games and, for a low monthy fee, get a new expansion every month. You can cancel at any time and never worry about hidden fees or additional charges.

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Note that expansions will only be available through the service for one month. While we will host a backlog of some of the most popular expansions in our online store, not all the expansions will be placed in the shop. Plus, you will be able to get them more cheaply through the Patreon. It's a savings! Such a deal!

Plus, if you subscribe for a year you'll get the annual update of our Random Dungeon Generator, a collection of over 244 rooms that you can roll on, plot out, and use to pre-plan any dungeon you can think of. Each year will add three new zones to the generator as well as three new rooms to each zone. You owe it to yourself to grab the subscription and get all the great expansions you can!