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About Dodeca System

The Dodeca-System is the nuts-and-bolts rules system created by Mike Finkelstein and Dave Phillips. With just a single twelve-sided die you can unlock a world of possibities.

Yes. A twelve-sided. The single most under-used die in all of the RPG world. With this one die you roll Attributes, Skills, Powers, Magic, Combat... everything! It's your greatest ally and your most powerful friend.

This is How We Roll

There's a Game in this Book is hot off the presses and ready to be pressed into your hands (order yours today!). It's the first RPG created on the Dodeca-Systemand if fast, flexible and totally customizable. Create anything you want, play anyway you desire with There's a Game in this Book.

And note! Special open-source rules for the Dodeca-System are avalable now so that you, too, can create your own RPG worlds with this exciting new RPG system!

The Hippest of the Hip

The second official Dodeca System game, Hipster: The Card Game successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2015. This convention-exclusive game is available at any Dodeca System booth, so come get the latest, coolest, hippest card game from your favorite game makers (that would be us).

And while you're at it, check out the first stand-alone expansion for Hipster, Teenage Wasteland. Adding in improvements to the game along with new cards and new ways to win, Teenage Wasteland is the perfect deck for new players and current fans to pick up. Teenage Wasteland sucessfully launched on Kickstarter in June and will make its word debut at GenCon 2016.